Laws of Medical Marijuana in Ohio – Points You Should Know

In June 2019, the state of Ohio passed a bill in which they doubled the amount of cannabis or marijuana to consider as the offence. The Ohio medical marijuana amount, which was previously 100 grams, increased to 200 grams. Person carrying any less than 200 grams will face a fine of $150 without any jail time.

Possession Laws of Marijuana in Ohio

Knowingly or intentionally carrying marijuana remains a crime in Ohio and penalties may vary according to the amount possessed. These include fines, jail times or convictions for the offence committed within 1000 feet of schools. Possession laws of medical marijuana in Ohio have certain conditions that include:

  • The state has decriminalized up to 100 grams of marijuana, and violations mean minor misdemeanor. They get fined up to $150 with no jail time or criminal record
  • Possession between 100-200 grams is a fourth degree misdemeanor with a fine of $250 and 30 days on jail
  • Between 200-1000 grams is fifth degree felony having $2500 fine and one year jail time
  • 1000 grams and above falls under third and second-degree felony. Fines me bet between $10,000-$20,000 and jail times of five to eight years

Laws of Marijuana Sale in Ohio

Someone who sells or prepares for transport or shipment of marijuana for distribution comes under trafficking laws. Similarly, penalties may vary according to amounts with fines or jail timeserving accordingly. A summary of laws for trafficking medical marijuana in Ohio state that:

  • Transportation of small amounts of marijuana (20 grams) is a minor demeanor with a fine of $150 without jail time
  • Transportation up to 200 grams comes under fifth degree felony with a fine of $2,500 and one year jail serving
  • Between 200-1000 grams is a fourth degree felony that presses a fine of $5,000 and eighteen months in prison
  • From 1000 grams and over the offence comes under third and second degree felony with fines up to $10,000 – $20,000 with at least eight years in prison


Cultivation Laws for Marijuana in Ohio

Cultivation of marijuana in Ohio is illegal, and the penalties may vary according to the quantity grown and cultivated. Similar to possession and sales, the cultivation laws for Ohio medical marijuana include:

  • $150 fine with no jail time for 100 grams cultivation
  • Between 100 -200 grams comes under fourth degree misdemeanor with fines of $250 and 30 days in jail
  • Fourth degree felony with a fine of $2,500 and jail time of cultivation between 200-1000 grams
  • Third and second degree felony with fines ranging between $10,000 -$20,000 and eight years of prison for cultivation of 1000 grams and above

Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Similar to other states, Ohio has also legalized the possession and cultivation of medical grade marijuana. Under the Ohio medical marijuana rules, a person possessing medical grade cannabis can keep 90-days’ supply of marijuana. This happens if the person has a medical marijuana card that deems them fit for possession and cultivation. They can hold the supply without fear of conviction or penalties.

However, the laws of Ohio estate provide no defense against individual driving under the influence of medical grade marijuana. It means that the person can still face charges and convicted if authorities catch them driving under the influence. They will face charges even if they have the card and under limit possession.

Neighboring states that still keep marijuana illegal usually come into conflict with the laws of medical marijuana in Ohio. Registered users in Ohio can still face charges in other states for carrying and using the drug and come under criminal offence.

Whether state legalized or not, federal laws still deem marijuana (medical or recreational) as an illegal substance. These federal laws often come in conflict with the laws of the state with the involvement of other criminal regulations. These conflicts generate concerns for businesses, cultivators and dispensaries related with medical grade marijuana.

While the laws of Ohio still consider recreational use of marijuana illegal, they allow possession in a small amount. Less than 100 grams has a minor misdemeanor that does not go on a criminal record. The laws of medical marijuana in Ohio are still an infant that needs much involvement of concerned people.

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