Medical Marijuana Card

Things You Didn’t Know About Medical Marijuana Card

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card is an identification card issued by the state. This identification card allows an individual to possess, cultivate or obtain cannabis for medical treatment as recommended by a doctor. States that have legalized the use of marijuana issue this card for affirming medical use. Usually, an applicant pays a fee to the state to obtain the card that is valid up to 12 months or more (depending on state rules). Applicants have to renew the validation with a fresh recommendation from medical marijuana consultant and paying the renewal fee. The requirements and process of card issuance also vary according to state laws and regulations.

Factors to Consider Before Applying

Issuance of marijuana card depends on the state you live and allow you to purchase products from dispensaries. The programs related to medical marijuana ensures that a person obtains product safely. However, besides paying a fee and collecting your card, you need to consider the following factors before applying:

  • Understanding State Rules

You need to keep an understanding of the state rules and regulations where you apply for a medical marijuana card. States that have legalized medical cannabis have different rules, requirements and processes. You can search online for the laws of your state and policies regarding the medical use of marijuana. Be sure to read on the matter before you make an investment of time, money and effort.

  • Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation from a medical marijuana consultant is the foremost requirement in every state. States require proof of your medical condition, and a letter of recommendation proves your ailment.

  • Purpose of Application

Governing bodies that issue marijuana card ask the purpose of the application. If the purpose deviates from medical use, they immediately reject that. They issue the card to applicants that have a genuine illness and recommendations for marijuana as medicine.

  • Proof of Residency

All the state marijuana card-issuing authorities ask for proof of residency to validate them. They need to make sure you are the resident of the state before you reap the benefits they provide. Without any evidence of residences like an ID card or driver’s license, you cannot obtain a medical marijuana card.

Benefits of Marijuana Card

  • Legal Protection

Having a card makes a difference between legal or illegal possession of marijuana. Stores will not sell you cannabis without legal licensing, and you can even face charges for unlawful possession of the substance. A medical card saves you from such troubles and allow legal possession of medical-grade marijuana.

  • Lowering Costs

In states that have legalized cannabis, having a medical marijuana card can save a lot of money. The users can attain an essential benefit in a time of need. For instance, if you need a prescribed drug not covered by your insurance, it may cost you more. Having a card enables you to visit a dispensary and purchase it for a fraction of that cost. In some scenarios, the card also helps you avoid excise and retail marijuana taxes.

  • Possession and Growing Limits

Cardholders have permission to carry more medical marijuana than a recreational user. For example, users with the card can hold and carry 8 ounces, whereas recreational users can only have one ounce.

  • Potency and Age Limits

Medical marijuana consultants know that dosage is an essential factor to gain maximum effect. Sometimes you need high potency marijuana to alleviate the symptoms that dispensaries usually refuse without a card. For patients that require a high dose or more potent medical marijuana, a card can give them necessary verification and credentials for purchase. It also allows age limit of 21 or above to possess and carry the drug legally.

Tips for Safe Medical Marijuana Use

  • Start with small doses and adjust as your body responds
  • As a beginner, go for CBD products which are non-psychoactive and do not give high effects
  • Always purchase right quality marijuana products and drugs from a reputed dispensary
  • Marijuana may react with other drugs you take so take recommendations from medical marijuana consultants before using
  • Seek professional help and recommendations for using medical-grade marijuana

Final Point

Although the issuance of medical marijuana card can give you numerous benefits, you should consider the administration first. As an applicant, you need to consider the state rules and requirements to possess and use the drug. Ensure the use or right strains as recommended by professionals for better effect.

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